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12 Must-Have Gadgets For Campervans That Will Make Your Vanlife Easier

Your motor-homing or vanlife experience can be completely transformed with the correct gadgets for campervans. Of course, there are a lot of RV gadgets out there to make life easier. That’s because the RV and camper home industries are growing so quickly, and technology is always getting better. However, having too many options can make the choice a bit tricky.

That’s why, in this article, we will outline 12 of the finest gadgets that you can add to your campervan. Our picks will let you make the most of your campervan. They will also add to the comfort of your vanlife experience.

How to Choose the Best Camper Van Gadgets

After you’ve taken care of the essentials like leisure batteries, awnings, and cooking appliances, it’s time to consider the campervan accessories that will enhance your touring experience. But how do you choose the perfect gadgets for your campervan? Before we move on to the gadget list, this is a question that needs to be answered.

Ultimately, your available space should be your top priority. Besides, the things you are interested in should also be a decisive factor when making the choice.

If you are always plotting your next trek, consider the outdoor gear, including clothes, food storage, and navigational aids. But what if you would rather relax at the campsite? Perhaps RV cookware, outdoor furniture, and electronics are more your speed.

Although these items will not affect your payload much, they may significantly alter your experience.

12 Cool Gadgets for Campervans That Will Worth Their Space in Your Van

After you have learned how to make the choice, now it’s time to look into some of the top picks. These are some of the best campervan gadgets that you can put into your campervan while maximizing the small space:

1. Rearview Camera

Rearview or reversing cameras are very important for visibility. If you are about to park your campervan in a tight spot, these gems can save you from potential penalties.

You can choose one that can be fitted to the rearview mirror. Look for the dual features, like one camera for the back and one that looks down. This will be really useful at times when you will be using the van for towing.

2. Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is something that is very useful, particularly when traveling to more isolated areas. Imagine getting into campervan trouble and then realizing you can not get help because your phone signal is dead. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal complement to your recreational vehicle.

You can maintain constant connectivity with these signal boosters, which can increase a cell tower’s signal strength by more than 30 times. If you need it to work with multiple devices simultaneously, simply choose one that can.

3. Mobile WiFi Box (Mifi)

The internet signal is improved by using a mobile WiFi box. On top of that, they keep your phone’s battery from dying altogether because you won’t be using the phone for the internet all the time. This is why we think one of these handy accessories would be a good investment for your RV.

Pick the one that satisfies your needs without breaking the bank and comes highly recommended. Also, you should be able to choose to use a 5 GHz connection. This connection is more reliable in an open area than the typical 2.4 GHz connection that most Mifi boxes use. A camper van can thus get the most out of it.

4. Portable Power Station

Let’s assume you will be spending a lot of time off-riding and camping in the wild. Then, running out of power is the last thing you want to encounter. Thankfully, a portable power station can help you in such a scenario. Check for your personal preferences before buying one.

5. GPS

A good navigator is an absolute must-have for any camper van traveler, but particularly for lone campervanners. A GPS system is essential for solo travelers because it allows them to avoid stopping every two minutes to read directions.

When you are shopping, look for options that let you type in the length and width of your campervan or motorhome. This will help you avoid narrow roads and low bridges.

6. Automatic Tire Inflator

Inflating the tires of your campervan using a foot pump is a pain. Put a convenient automatic tire inflator into the lighter socket and relax as it fills your tires to the pressure levels you specify. You might need an extra cable for your lighter socket if you own a larger RV or campervan to use the inflator or any of your other electrical tools.

However, verify that you do not need to fill up your tires first. For most people, adding a little extra air to their tires is normal. But if your van is losing a lot of air, you may have a leak, so take your van to a garage to be checked out.

12 Must-Have Gadgets For Campervans That Will Make Your Vanlife Easier

7. Solar Panel

When the weather is right, solar panels can charge your battery quickly.

Take summertime van life travels across Europe as an example. All you need is a solar panel to keep yourself charged. However, it will be completely ineffective during the winter in the UK. A generator will be required, then.

Nevertheless, there are months out of the year when it is worthwhile.

8. Mini Projector

This device is more for the enjoyment of van life. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, this projector is ideal for streaming media from your phone. A bed sheet hung indoors can serve as a projection surface.

All you have to do is fasten a sheet to your van’s rear or side. The sheet can be held up using magnetic hooks.

You can enhance the viewing experience by adding a projector screen.

9. eBook Reader

If you are a book geek, then an eBook reader is a must-have. It is wonderful to be able to load a good book and unwind in your van whenever the mood strikes. The gadget is also very compact, fitting neatly into a net pocket when not in use.

Look for the one with a backlight screen. Now, your partner can sleep soundly without you having to constantly turn on the overhead lights. Furthermore, it tends to be long-lasting and easy to charge.

10. Portable Dish Rack & Microfiber Drying Mat

Without a doubt, this is a top-tier RV accessory. No matter where you are, you will inevitably have to wash the dishes. In an RV, you will not have much room for counter space. That big, cumbersome dish rack made of plastic or stainless steel just will not do. Thankfully, a portable dish rack is lightweight. This helps any moisture evaporate quickly. Besides, some models can also be folded up!

11. Portable Refrigerator

For a short road trip over the weekend, a coolbox and ice packs might be enough. But if you are going to be out for a long time, you will need a way to keep your food and drinks cold. To make things even better, a portable fridge should come with a carry bag and cover the items you can choose to use.

12. Solar Shower

A shower, even in a van without running water, can be a lifesaver at the end of a long day. This is especially applicable if you have been adventuring through hot and humid weather.

There are many different types of solar showers available, each with its own price tag. However, if you are on a tight budget, a basic model may suffice! The key is to let them soak in the sun for as long as possible to get a warm shower.


You should set priorities while adorning your camper van. Then, there is the matter of space and individual preferences. A must-have for adventurers is outdoor gear. Relaxers could lean more toward motorhome gadgets and appliances.

There are effective electronic devices that improve security and communication including cell boosters and rearview cameras. To stay powered when you are away from the grid, you can rely on portable power stations and solar panels. If navigation and maintenance are a nuisance, an auto tire inflator and a GPS can be handy. For entertainment purposes, you can select portable eBook readers and mini projectors.

However, getting the perfect campervan that incorporates all these gadgets smoothly can be tough. Highland Vans can make this tough job easy for you. No matter what kind of design and facilities you want in your van conversion, we will be up for it. Contact us today and explore our services.

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