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8 Must Have Features for Pet Friendly Camper Van Modification

Many pet owners dream of traveling the open road with their animal companions. In this blog, we explore the world of pet friendly camper vans, where adventure meets companionship. We have everything you need, from reviews of the top camper van models that can fit you and your four-legged friend to essential advice on traveling with pets. As you set off on incredible adventures, learn how to provide your pet with a secure and comfortable environment. Come along as we discover the delights of taking pets on long-lasting trips in camper vans.

8 Features to Add in Your Pet Friendly Camper Van

You must add some extra features to your camper van for your buddy. This will help your pet move freely and enjoyably. You can use different features to make your camper van pet-friendly. We are discussing 8 essential features below.

  • Pet Safety Nets and Barriers

When taking pets on a trip, safety has to be the first concern. To stop your pet from entering the driver’s compartment while the car is moving, install obstacles or safety netting. This guarantees their safety and frees your mind from any other distractions so you can concentrate on the road.

  • Non-Slip Flooring

Pets may experience difficulties on smooth surfaces. Consider adding non-slip flooring to your campervan to avoid slips and falls. This not only gives your pet more traction but it also facilitates more comfortable movement.

  • Open Floor Layout

Choose rv with sturdy, easily maintained flooring because pets can be challenging on flooring. Carpeting can be smelly and difficult to keep clean, and it can also collect pet hair.

  • Pet Bed Space

You can purchase a brand-new, incredibly comfortable pet bed. Cover it with a custom-sized pillowcase to prevent damage to the new one when making your bed. Its ease of removal for washing to maintain the van’s cleanliness might appeal to you.

  • Pet Ramp

An upgraded dog ramp can help you get in and out of the van if you’re an elderly person whose legs aren’t as strong as they once were. Every time you go outside to relieve yourself, you won’t have to leap up and down the large step, which frees you more energy for the things you enjoy, like exploring new campgrounds, chasing squirrels, meeting new people, and rolling in smellies.

  • Harnesses and Leashes of Various Lengths

Your pet-friendly camper van would look amazing with harnesses and leashes of several lengths added. These products ensure the happiness and safety of your traveling pets. As they keep pets near, short leashes work well in congested areas.

Longer ones allow pets to explore more, making them excellent in wide spaces. It’s crucial for your pets’ comfort and safety. It also allows you to enjoy your adventure without worrying about their safety. When you go on your next trip, remember to bring a variety.

  • Outdoor Shower Facility

Van life with a pet can benefit from having an outside shower. Your pet is probably filthy and covered in mud, sand, or grime after a day of exploring. You may use the outdoor shower to clean your pet before they get inside the van, saving them from carrying all that filth inside.

Since unpleasant smells tend to build up in small spaces, you want to keep them from spreading. If you wish to spend much time in hot weather, an outdoor shower could be the difference between a hot and uncomfortable pet.

  • Proper Ventilation

Enough airflow is essential for maintaining your pet’s comfort and well-being when traveling. To keep the air flowing, look for campsites with windows, ventilation, or even air conditioning. Living in an RV rental with a furry friend requires adequate ventilation for both your comfort and your pet’s health.

A well-designed ventilation system will facilitate fresh air flow throughout the camper and stop moisture from collecting. Additionally, it may cause dampness and mold to grow. It’s crucial if you have a pet that suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, as bad air quality can make their symptoms worse.

tips for traveling with your pet

Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Let’s look at pet-friendly travel advice that will make the trip pleasurable for you and your four-legged buddy. We can assist you with anything from selecting the ideal motorhome to packing the necessary stuff. Now, let’s get started.

  • Make Sure Your Pet is Carrying ID

An identity tag with your name, contact information, and address on your pet’s collar is brilliant, even if it has a microchip. It will simplify things for someone to contact you and bring your pet back if it becomes lost. Of course, some pets find this more difficult, but for dogs and cats in particular, this is crucial.

  • Bring Plenty of Food and Water

Like us, pets need to eat properly and stay hydrated. Make sure your pet has access to enough food and water, and don’t forget to pack their bowls.

  • Keep Your Pet Entertained

The length of your trip will determine if your pet gets anxious or bored. Consider providing them with fun items that will keep them interested for longer periods of time in addition to their favorite toys.

  • Research Pet-Friendly Attractions

As you go, check if the attractions you want to visit allow pets. Ensure you investigate pet policies before visiting national parks, beaches, and hiking trails.


With all the comforts of home at your fingertips, you and your pet can travel the world in style and luxury in a pet friendly camper van. At Highland Vans, we’ve found our passion for turning vans into warm, inviting places where every trip you take with your pet becomes a cherished tale.

Together, let’s bring your fantasy of living in a van to life, showcasing your relationship with your pet at every turn. Your travels are endless when you have the flexibility to go wherever you choose and the comfort of company. Explore the Van Life community, where every corner presents an opportunity for new experiences to arise.

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